Today, a revolution in materials is in progress in every industry, changing the way people live. As a specialist in the advanced materials essential to the development of cutting-edge products and technologies, KISCO goes beyond simply supplying basic materials fulfil our commitment to offer the complete range of goods and services required for their practical application.

We at KISCO take pride in our strengths in four areas that clearly distinguish us from other trading firms. Our information capabilities enable us to swiftly and accurately grasp market trends as well as up-to-the-minute information worldwide relating to advanced materials. Our planning capabilities provide the know-how and technology necessary to explore applications of materials to turn them into new products, sometimes even using our development capabilites to manufacture them ourselves. Finally, our organizational capabilities support a stable supply of products ranging from materials and processed goods to equipment and machinery, through our global procurement, sales and service network.


KISCO integrates these capabilities as an advanced materials specialist. We are continuously searching for new applications and the next generation of materials.